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  1. Have all diet attempts ended in failure?
  2. Are you worried that you are beyond help?
  3. Do you look at your future with fret?
  4. Do you overeat behind closed doors?
  5. Are you ready to learn a way out that is heart-centered, mindful and loving?


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P.S.  13 years ago I was overweight and emotionally burnt out from emotional eating. I ruthlessly kept attempting to “find the cure” outside of myself.  The truth is without 1) the education about what your body has to say about this and 2) the process of tapping into your own internal wisdom, no diet attempts will be sustainable.  Whether emotional eating has left you frazzled, or it leaves you feeling empty and out of control, there is a heart-centered, clear and systematic process to break free from a love/hate relationship to food to one of love, abundant health benefits and joy.  If this is what you are seeking, I can help you take your power and health back.  I provide free resources (see above articles and quiz) and skilled consulting, life coaching and counseling options to those who desire this level of support along the way.  

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