New article on Holiday Eating – enjoy!

Hi everyone!

The Holidays are rolling around already.  Can’t believe it!  My oldest just went off to college and he is almost ready for his first visit back.  Time can fly!  It makes me appreciate life and health and living abundantly even more.

Speaking of abundance, we often get caught up in overeating because we are believing in lack.  Good news and bad with this one.  Good news first:  There is no lack, food is abundant and we won’t starve!  Now the bad news:  There is no lack, food is everywhere 24/7/365!

Read this season’s article on how coming from a state of abundance really can set us free!

Article:  A Fun Twist on Holiday Eating

P.S. I just sat with a client as she explained how freeing it was to realize she didn’t have to eat everything in sight when she realized, she could have it at any time, not just now.  She stopped over eating just based on this one perspective shift!  More on why this is so freeing here:  A Fun Twist on Holiday Eating