Breaking Open

Ahhhh… my Higher Self!  So wise and beautiful in counsel.  So moved by bigger picture wisdom and the faith of solidarity and integrity.  Such a strong foundation.  Don’t we all love getting a sample of Higher Self action, feeling, motivation and grounding?

What about the moments when Higher Self feels so distant?  So (obsolete)?  So nebulous?

In those moments of feeling lost, full of fear or anger, isolated from wisdom or confused… in those moments Higher Self, believe it or not, comes through our willingness.  Our willingness to put down our armor and be real.

Forget what society tells you about your realness and start to listen to what your heart has to say about this subject.  You are not broken, wrong, “not being positive enough” or diagnosable with the latest fad dysfunction.  You are real.  You are you.  You have a heart.  That is all it takes.

Marianne Williamson says, “Something very beautiful happens to people when their world has fallen apart: a humility, a nobility, a higher intelligence emerges at just the point when our knees hit the floor.”

When we are open to listening the Jesus within us will say, “I’m not really offended you worked all night and felt you ignored the kids and I.  I really just missed you and I guess some part of me appreciated that you worked so hard for us, that you probably missed us too.  Thank you.”

It is when we get to the place of congruence and back to not judging reality, we begin to hear our Higher-Self, once again, even in the darkest most confusing moments.  Then the silver lining shines back through and possibilities begin to blossom once again…