Stop and Smell the Roses

When we are stuck in the emotional eating rut, food has unintentionally become our everything.

It is our savior, our stress relief, our friend, our confidant.
What we are not realizing is that we can be fed by anything, not food alone.

Roses are red, violets are blue
Food became my world
and this feels undeniably true.

So, stop and smell the roses….

This week broadening your perspective of what truly feeds you will allow you to be fed and nourished at a soul level. For example, I’m fed when my youngest son says I love you with a smile, I’m fed when I walk outside and feel the breeze on my face and take deep breath, I’m fed when I finish a yoga routine, I’m fed when I see a sunset or find wildflowers.. You get the point.

Small perspective shift: This week go out and buy yourself a single flower. Place it in water. Sit with it. Feel its petals. Soak in its colors. Smell its natural fragrance. Sit with it. Allow it to bring joy to you… wonder about it. Give it appreciation for the living poetry it is adding to your life in this moment…

Expansive perspective shift: This week make a list of all the things that feed you! A cool breeze, a breath of fresh air, movement, a smile, a hug, sunshine, raindrops, a cozy book, your hobby, etc. Make a vision board out of your real food! Begin to focus on these other sources for your nourishment.

Roses are red, violets are blue
Food is delicious
and the world is too!

~ Laurel Inman, Founder of