Follow the Little Miracles

When I was in my early twenties (a-hm almost 20 years ago), I had a woman that helped me see the world in a completely new light. I recall being at a conference where she was speaking that night and wanting to go up and thank her and give her a huge hug for every miracle she had anonymously imparted in my life.

Guess what?

I was too shy. I went home feeling empty instead. I didn’t follow my heart.

One year later she passed away and I never got that chance to thank her in full, as my heart had prompted me to.

The Course in Miracles tells us to follow the promptings of the heart… they lead us to little daily miracles.

As we break free from emotional eating, we start expanding into a new way of being. We start to feed our heart! We listen and act on those promptings, we become courageous. Instead of focussing on food, we are focussed on life.

What heart promptings have you had, and yet fear kept you from following? Can you hear your heart? This week you are invited to expand out of focussing on food and focus on what matters most… life.

Written with Heart,
Laurel ~ ~