Breaking Free From Emotional Eating

Breaking free from emotional eating is more attainable than most of us first believe.  I once walked out of a therapist’s office, never to return after I asked him, “Is it really possible to heal this?”  He said, “Yes, Laurel, it is possible.”  I didn’t believe him and turned my back on getting help.  I suffered needlessly mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically for years as a result.

First, know that breaking free from emotional eating seems impossible only because it feels impossible.  We often confuse the feeling with the reality.  If something feels overwhelming, that doesn’t mean it has to be overwhelming.  It simply means that from the perspective we have, that is our experience.

Don’t let your feelings on the matter keep you from obtaining the methods and answers on how to break free.  Breaking free from emotional eating is completely possible.  Not only is it possible, it is also a transformative experience.  There are three major benefits to breaking free:

First is the weight loss.  It feels really good to be at a natural weight without struggling year, after year, to be there.

The second is the method.  The only method that works effectively at helping people truly break free from emotional eating is called the “non-diet method”.  So, not only do you escape the negative emotional eating cycles, you also learn how to maintain your natural weight, without dieting!  I don’t know about you, but I after about two weeks of a diet, I begin to feel resentful and stuck.

The third benefit to breaking free is that the entire process puts you in deeper connection with who you are, what you are capable of, what your values are and teaches you by default how to live a more fulfilling and self-empowered life.

Is breaking free from emotional eating possible?  Yes!  Is it worth it?  Yes, yes, yes!


Healing is within your heart’s reach,