Can I stop overeating?

I get asked this question more than any other in the beginning.  I asked this same question to a therapist I saw at the age of 17 for bouts of bulimia.

He said yes.  I didn’t believe him because the daily emotional pain and obsessive thoughts over calorie intake was so strong.  I left his office in disbelief, never to return.  After all, he had never been in my shoes.

Perhaps, if I had stayed, it would have saved me 4 years of additional needless pain, a roller coaster of failed dieting attempts and secret struggling. Who knows.  Yet, I do know that…

Yes, it is possible!  Do not turn away and walk out on yourself like I did. There is a pathway, filled with tools, insights, reliable information and answers.

I have been free from emotional eating since 1999, that is over 12 years ago.  It took me about one year to completely heal and saved me my future.

Yes, one year and it was worth every bit of freedom.  If it’s too quick, it will not stick!  Emotional eaters don’t need quick, we need real.

Since I’ve healed, I’ve not needed any diet plan, dieting supplements or food restrictions of any kind to maintain a size 4-6, my natural weight.

That is my story of struggle and triumph.  What do you want your story to be?  Are you ready for some answers?  If yes, healing is within your heart’s reach!

Healing is within your heart’s reach,