Question:  What makes the Eating With Heart approach different from other programs?

Answer:  First, I don’t want to take credit for this approach.  There are many professionals and authors that have adopted and teach similar methods I teach within the book.  They are effective methods and they work.  I highly value lasting results. Anything that doesn’t last is wasted effort, time and money.

However, I add coaching, inner work and heart-centered pathways into my programs.  So, while I wouldn’t say the eating method is new, I will say that my support options are highly unique.  In my years working with women, I’ve found that true transformation always occurs at a heart level.

This approach and programs address the whole You.  The reason why diets and other more singularly focused programs can’t work, or last, is because they don’t take all aspects of self fully into account.  These are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental factors.

Also, some professionals I have found that teaching the methods hadn’t experienced emotional eating personally.  That isn’t bad, it just circumvents true understanding of what it feels like to break-free, locate short-cuts and separate out what works from what doesn’t from first hand experience.

After years of personal struggle, locating effective pathways and adding the heart into the equation, I’m proud to offer you a completely unique and spiritually transformative approach!

Healing is within your heart’s reach,