Help With Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is a very hard thing to come to grips with.  I know I struggled.  I figured that if I only dieted enough, the weight would stay off.  Then, when the diet failed, I felt like a failure.  Yet, the truth of the matter that I was an emotional eater and didn’t realize it until I asked, “What is wrong with me?”

In essence emotional eating is an addiction to food.  I define addiction as anything we use with the intention to alter or escape a mood.  Yet, how does one get over an addiction when you need the very thing you are addicted to for basic survival and health?!  If you are in an unhealthy relationship you can leave.  If you drink too much, you can remove alcohol from the home.  Etc.  Yet, you can’t abandon food.  For this very reason, many people may not get help because they believe it is impossible.

The good news is that help with emotional eating is more prevalent than most people would assume.   There is a very effective system any emotional eater can go through to heal.  Furthermore, once you learn it, you can’t unlearn it.  It has been tried and true for years and has freed many people.  In other words, there is viable help with emotional eating.

Here is what you need to look for when you seek help with emotional eating:

Seek a program that contains three aspects.  The first aspect is informational.  You must learn new truths about your body and the difference between true hunger and emotional hunger.  This component is absolutely crucial to breaking free from emotional eating.  Without it, the other two can only get you so far.

The second component is more spiritual in nature.  It has to do with connecting you with the message behind the emotion.  Most of us live at the level of thought and emotion.  In order to heal, we must go deeper.  Each emotion carries a message for our lives.  When we learn how to discern these messages, we become more masterful and our intentions begin to slowly mirror our desired outcomes.

The third component is support.  Support is a key element to integrating new information and receiving feedback and encouragement if we experience resistance.  I can tell you, as a seasoned coach, anytime we grow and stretch in new ways, resistance comes up.  This is natural and healthy.  Resistance carries messages that can actually move us through a process quicker than if we resist the resistance.

Together, these three components are the catalyst for an effective program and getting you the help with emotional eating that you are seeking.  If you are reading this now, you are seeking answers.  There are answers.  Find a program that connects to you at a heart-level.  Your future-self will thank you!

Healing is within your heart’s reach,