A Fun Twist on Holiday Eating!

That day I recall being stuffed.  It was Easter brunch.  I was 16 years old (yes, I’ve struggled with food most of my life).  I was on my third plate of food.  It’s brunch, why not?!  My sister was on her second plate when I noticed she took hers, moved it into the center of the table and said, “I’m done.”  I looked at her with astonishment as I thought, ‘It is Easter brunch, how can you not keep eating?!’

Yet, she was the thin one and I was the chunky one that struggled to keep my weight in check.  With envy and frustration, I still couldn’t turn down the desert table, even though I was already stuffed.  After all, it was special.  It was Easter.  Easter only comes around once a year.  Brunch was special too.  How often did I have permission to eat two meals plus desert in one sitting?

What kept me going back?  What keeps us going back?  Specializing.  We all do this.  We specialize certain foods as if we will never have or see them again.  Yet, in reality, any of us can literally go out, at any moment of the day, and get almost any food we want.

We have access to food 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Yet, we often eat like food, or certain foods, are going to be gone tomorrow.  Or, we eat as if we will never see a pumpkin pie again.

In truth we live in a state of abundance where we can have pumpkin pie any day of the year!  If we really want it, it is there.  There is no lack.  So, why do we sometimes eat as if there is lack?

When food is special we eat it even after it has lost its flavor.  When foods are special we eat them NOW versus saving it for later.  When special foods replace the heart of celebrating with a desperate attempt to satisfy our stomachs’ with more food, we’ve lost the true meaning of celebrating life.

Taking the emphasis off of specializing food helps us enjoy every meal as if it were a celebration.  When we do that, there is no longer a pull for those “special” foods that are “so rare” (because they aren’t).  When we celebrate every bite, we are present and aware.  When we celebrate life, we expand from obsessing about food, to truly living an enriched life.

This season, why not shift your perspective into abundance, and start to break free!?



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