Question:  Why do I feel so doubtful I can overcome emotional eating?

Answer:  It is perfectly normal to feel doubtful about any positive relationship with food, until you begin to experience the pleasure of recreating the relationship entirely.

First, know this:  Healing is not a matter of “if”.  It is a matter of “when”.

If healing were a matter of “if”, then I would not be here, writing to you now.  You would also not be reading this.  Even if your belief in healing fades, the possibility doesn’t.  Your Heart already knows this and that is why you are open to hearing glimmers of future possibility.

We are born fully equipped human beings.  That means the “if” resides within us.  We carry many of our own answers within our heart.  When we move beyond the emotion and begin tuning in at a heart level, miracles occur.

So, if healing is a matter of “when”, that means that you have say in the matter.  You don’t have to clear the doubt to make progress.  Actually, don’t do this.  Keep a healthy sense of skepticism with you each step of the way.  You actually get further when you are asking the hard questions along the way.

So who are you?  Who is the real you?  The you living free from triggers and living at your natural size.  What does she do and say?  How does she feel?

Some women have said to me, “I don’t even care if I lose the weight.  At this point I just this madness with food to stop.”  Can you relate?  Yet, when you address the food issues and gain peace, your body naturally follows and the weight comes off.

Sit with the vision of the healed you.  Get specific!  Get detailed!  She will begin to empower you.  Why?  Because she is a reflection, from your Heart, showing you what is possible for you.

Healing is within your heart’s reach,