Overeating Defined!

There are times that we obviously over did it.  Like the time I felt consumed by life’s ever increasing demands and ate the entire box of saltine crackers, a bagel dripping in butter and 3 cheese sticks before it was too late.  Ugh.

Then there are times that it is not so obvious.  Like the time I took my kids to Dairy Queen to celebrate their school performances and ordered that large new flavor of Blizzard.

Let’s get clear. You need to get clear about what overeating actually is if you want to break free.  New awareness is a huge step in the right direction.

Overeating is any eating that is up and above what your body needs.  Not what a diet tells you that you need.  Not what a scale says.  Not even what the national BMI standard says.  These are external guidelines that may or may not apply to your body.

Knowing exactly what your body needs is the key to knowing whether or not you are overdoing it, or if the ice-cream is ok.  Your body knows more than you think.  It is programed to issue calculated feedback with more precision than an outside scale ever could.

When you over do it, here are some of the things your body is saying:

  1. I’m full now, you can stop.
  2. Ouch, too much.
  3. But, I wasn’t hungry.

The cue leads to the cure!  This week start listening….

If you would like help learning 1) how to identify your body’s cues and 2) how to follow your body’s language, then I hope you will join me for the 12 week tutorial and program I call True Transformation.  You can learn more HERE.

Healing is within your heart’s reach,