Question:  What is your opinion of the South Beach Diet?

Answer:  Any diet that includes wholesome foods can be used as a healthy food idea generator.  There are a lot of diets out there that showcase healthy foods, synergistic food combinations and wonderful recipes.  The South Beach Diet is one of these.

Diets fail because of the restrictiveness and they are not natural.   Any diet is only good until it doesn’t give us enough of what we need.  Our eating habits should reflect the needs of the body and not a strict regimen.

Some diets can actually be harmful to us.  In a nutrition course I took, we learned of a woman that had a carbohydrate metabolic type.  In other words, proteins digested as more acidic for her body type, than protein body types.  She did not know this when she began the Adkins diet and began getting dizzy spells and rancid bad breath from the excess of key-tone production in her blood supply.  When she added carbs back in, which is what her type needed, she began to stabilize.

True transformation occurs when we learn more about how to lovingly address our emotional needs, physical needs and combine these with the guidance and emotional support of our Spirituality, or our Heart.

To summarize:  Learn new recipes from any healthy diet.  Learn from your body, Heart and mind what you really need each day.  We aren’t robots, and following a regimen isn’t realistic long term.

Learning how to relate to our motivations in new ways, how to cultivate fun new habits and how to stop eating triggers in their path IS what works permanently!  Bon apetite!

Healing is within your heart’s reach,