How To Stop Emotional Eating

First of all, we can’t just stop emotional eating in its tracks with finding just the right diet that will fix it all.  Diets do not work for emotional eaters.  Diets do not get to the heart of matter.  Furthermore, my motto is:  If it is too quick, it just won’t stick.  This is as true for dieting, and it is true for any lifestyle change.

How can we stop emotional eating?  How long does it takes?  What does it entail?  These are all very common questions and I will be addressing each of these for you.

How can I stop emotional eating?

You can stop emotional eating by working through any process that 1) gives you accurate information about how your body works and what it needs, 2) teaches you how to tell the difference between true hunger and emotional hunger, and 3) offers emotional support during the process to help with any resistance or questions that normally surface.

How long does it take to stop emotional eating in its tracks?

The time-frame varies per individual.  It took me one year with very little emotional or personal support.  I was stubborn and didn’t believe in myself.  Others only take 3-6 months.  I would say 3 months as a minimum and 12 months as a maximum.  Regardless, I request that all my clients give themselves 12 months and don’t rush any process.  All healing is sacred.  All great things don’t happen overnight.  This is not welcomed news in a quick-fix world, yet the quick-fixes are leaving us worse off than when we began.  This may not be welcomed news, but it is solid news.  The good news, on the other side of the coin, is that once you devote the time to self-empowerment and healing, then you have the freedom and better health to enjoy from there on out.  Freedom after captivity (many people say they feel captive to food) feels amazing!  When I look back now, those 12 months seem like nothing.  I’m going on year 13 of being free from emotional eating and wouldn’t trade it for the world!

What does breaking free from emotional eating entail?

Breaking free from emotional eating and stopping a negative emotional eating cycle takes commitment, willingness and desire.   Commitment to work through the process from start to finish is key.  Diets don’t work because they don’t address the needs of the whole person.  Any process that stops emotional eating is a process that is effective because it addresses the whole person and therefore yields lasting results.  Willingness to try on new perspectives or challenge false and self-limiting beliefs is also imperative to stopping any negative cycle.  Lastly, the desire to learn is what leads you to unveil more answers, unlock more doors and shows you the deeper seeds of wisdom inherent within your own heart.


Healing is within your heart’s reach,