Question:  What should I avoid?  What doesn’t work for permanent weight loss?

Answer:  Diets have been recognized to fail up to 90% of the time.  Diets especially do not work for emotional eaters.  Diets address what to eat.  Emotional eaters heal from trigger eating when they address:  What, Why, How, When and get back in touch with Who we are at a Heart level.

Below are 3 common avenues we seek to stop emotional eating, binge-eating and compulsive eating, that do not give us long-term results.

#1 – Diet Regimens

Even Weight Watchers(R) only works as long as you follow the prescribed regimen.  I have met too many emotional eaters that do fine, have fun at first and then gain all the weight back a year in.  It is my opinion that this approach keeps us watching, waiting and hyper-focused on counting points.  I don’t know about you, but I wanted freedom from this, not more daily calculating.

Furthermore, I have not met any emotional eaters who have succeeded with a regimen alone.  Regimens alone don’t get you to the Heart of what is compelling you to eat more than needed.  Fire your diet!

#2 – Dieting Supplements

Not to be confused with nutritional supplements.  Diet supplements are an even scarier category because some dieting supplements have been known to cause heart problems, or have other worrisome side effects.  The ads are inspiring, yet the side effects can be questionable.  Even if there was a safe weight loss aid, a weight loss aid cannot stop emotional eating from resurfacing if not dealt with.  Once the newness and willpower wear off, so do the results.

If there is a nutritional supplement you like, great!  I take one that reduces oxidative stress naturally.  There is a difference between health supplements and weight loss “dieting” supplements.  Take a nutritional supplement because it supports your health and not to keep off excess weight.  This will save you time and money.

#3 – Exercise Regimens

First off, exercise is what supports our vitality and health.  It keeps our bodies strong and operational. I was a personal trainer when I first began weight loss coaching and found that many clients confused weight loss with exercise.  In other words many of my clients were only working out to burn calories in an attempt to cover up all the overeating.

Yes, exercise!  It will help you burn off stress, gain physical endurance and become more empowered.  Exercise won’t solve emotional eating triggers.  Only your Heart can do that.  🙂

Now, catch yourself getting caught in the next shiny thing.  Ask:

  1. Is this going to empower me, or distract me?
  2. Is this a permanent solution, or do results fade if I’m not following it?

Bottom-line:  Do what is tried and true and the results will follow!

Healing is within your heart’s reach,


Bonus:  The Heart Calculator

If you want to determine if something is aligned with you at a Heart level, then check out my coaching tool The Heart Calculator.

This tool is what I use to determine how beneficial I view something and how to assess whether it is a good move to make.  Whether it is hiring a personal trainer, joining a new program, purchasing a health supplement or paying for healthful meals, check it out!  Link:  The Heart Calculator