Self forgiveness is a key ingredient

to total transformation.

Self-anger:  UGH!!  I did it again.  What is wrong with me?!  Everyone else can control their eating, why can’t I?  This is ridiculous!  I’m such an idiot sometimes.
Self-blame:  I need to get a grip.  I’m the only one to blame… again.  I’m ruining my health.  I’m stuck.
Self-pity:  I’m always going to be this way… I don’t know why I try.  I give up.  Why do I care anyway?
All of the above represent very common inner dialog when we overeat for the fifteenth time.
Of course we think these things… and sometimes worse.  When we are out of alignment with the qualities of life that our heart really desires (ex: health, vitality and peace), our thoughts reflect this.
It is not that these thoughts are wrong, they are just a reflection of feeling stuck in a cycle that is no longer serving us.  Of course we feel angry, stuck, sad and confused. All of this makes perfect sense.
What helps us unhook the pattern?  It will never be anger, blame or pity.  Those anchor in guilt.  Guilt keeps us in the negative.  To really transform, we must introduce positive aspects of our own heart into the cycle.
It is easy to default to anger, blame and pity.  Easy and tempting.  Tempting because we naturally believe “If I make myself suffer enough, I will stop the behavior.”  “If I make my inner world so unpleasant I won’t go back here.”

In truth, only love heals.

This week, catch yourself in the act of anger, blame or pity and apply forgiveness.  Forgiveness is a powerful form of love that returns us to our hearts, self-love and self-care.
How to Self-Forgive:  (there are many ways, this is an example to get you started on the right path)
  1. Allow yourself to see food as a way to self-care.  Ex:  “Of course I would want to eat all of that cake, it was an attempt to feel better so of course I would want that.
  2. My wanting to eat to feel better makes sense, however, what my heart is really aching for is compassion and peace.
  3. I forgive myself for eating, it makes sense.  Now how willing am I to get in touch with what my heart wants?
Remember, when we are eating for emotional reasons, our heart is starving in some way.  The real patch is love.  Love feeds the soul.  Love brings positive aspects of life to strife.  Love allows us to move from bitter to better.
I wish you nothing but self-love, self-understanding and self-gentleness this year.

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Heart Notes, by Laurel Inman
Hi, I’m the author and founder of the Eating With Heart educational community.  I broke free from my own struggle with emotional eating over a decade ago and am now in service helping other women transform their health and lives in magnificent ways.  I’m a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF), the Director of Coaching for Prescott College and I consult with private clients and businesses over the phone.  If you seek personalize heart-centered support, I invite you to contact me and learn how we might work together and get you to your goals.  I believe together really is better!

Follow the Little Miracles

When I was in my early twenties (a-hm almost 20 years ago), I had a woman that helped me see the world in a completely new light. I recall being at a conference where she was speaking that night and wanting to go up and thank her and give her a huge hug for every miracle she had anonymously imparted in my life.

Guess what?

I was too shy. I went home feeling empty instead. I didn’t follow my heart.

One year later she passed away and I never got that chance to thank her in full, as my heart had prompted me to.

The Course in Miracles tells us to follow the promptings of the heart… they lead us to little daily miracles.

As we break free from emotional eating, we start expanding into a new way of being. We start to feed our heart! We listen and act on those promptings, we become courageous. Instead of focussing on food, we are focussed on life.

What heart promptings have you had, and yet fear kept you from following? Can you hear your heart? This week you are invited to expand out of focussing on food and focus on what matters most… life.

Written with Heart,
Laurel ~ ~


Stop and Smell the Roses

When we are stuck in the emotional eating rut, food has unintentionally become our everything.

It is our savior, our stress relief, our friend, our confidant.
What we are not realizing is that we can be fed by anything, not food alone.

Roses are red, violets are blue
Food became my world
and this feels undeniably true.

So, stop and smell the roses….

This week broadening your perspective of what truly feeds you will allow you to be fed and nourished at a soul level. For example, I’m fed when my youngest son says I love you with a smile, I’m fed when I walk outside and feel the breeze on my face and take deep breath, I’m fed when I finish a yoga routine, I’m fed when I see a sunset or find wildflowers.. You get the point.

Small perspective shift: This week go out and buy yourself a single flower. Place it in water. Sit with it. Feel its petals. Soak in its colors. Smell its natural fragrance. Sit with it. Allow it to bring joy to you… wonder about it. Give it appreciation for the living poetry it is adding to your life in this moment…

Expansive perspective shift: This week make a list of all the things that feed you! A cool breeze, a breath of fresh air, movement, a smile, a hug, sunshine, raindrops, a cozy book, your hobby, etc. Make a vision board out of your real food! Begin to focus on these other sources for your nourishment.

Roses are red, violets are blue
Food is delicious
and the world is too!

~ Laurel Inman, Founder of

Breaking Open

Ahhhh… my Higher Self!  So wise and beautiful in counsel.  So moved by bigger picture wisdom and the faith of solidarity and integrity.  Such a strong foundation.  Don’t we all love getting a sample of Higher Self action, feeling, motivation and grounding?

What about the moments when Higher Self feels so distant?  So (obsolete)?  So nebulous?

In those moments of feeling lost, full of fear or anger, isolated from wisdom or confused… in those moments Higher Self, believe it or not, comes through our willingness.  Our willingness to put down our armor and be real.

Forget what society tells you about your realness and start to listen to what your heart has to say about this subject.  You are not broken, wrong, “not being positive enough” or diagnosable with the latest fad dysfunction.  You are real.  You are you.  You have a heart.  That is all it takes.

Marianne Williamson says, “Something very beautiful happens to people when their world has fallen apart: a humility, a nobility, a higher intelligence emerges at just the point when our knees hit the floor.”

When we are open to listening the Jesus within us will say, “I’m not really offended you worked all night and felt you ignored the kids and I.  I really just missed you and I guess some part of me appreciated that you worked so hard for us, that you probably missed us too.  Thank you.”

It is when we get to the place of congruence and back to not judging reality, we begin to hear our Higher-Self, once again, even in the darkest most confusing moments.  Then the silver lining shines back through and possibilities begin to blossom once again…



New article on Holiday Eating – enjoy!

Hi everyone!

The Holidays are rolling around already.  Can’t believe it!  My oldest just went off to college and he is almost ready for his first visit back.  Time can fly!  It makes me appreciate life and health and living abundantly even more.

Speaking of abundance, we often get caught up in overeating because we are believing in lack.  Good news and bad with this one.  Good news first:  There is no lack, food is abundant and we won’t starve!  Now the bad news:  There is no lack, food is everywhere 24/7/365!

Read this season’s article on how coming from a state of abundance really can set us free!

Article:  A Fun Twist on Holiday Eating

P.S. I just sat with a client as she explained how freeing it was to realize she didn’t have to eat everything in sight when she realized, she could have it at any time, not just now.  She stopped over eating just based on this one perspective shift!  More on why this is so freeing here:  A Fun Twist on Holiday Eating

Delicious Summer Afternoon Pick-me Up!

Delicious, nutritious, vibrant afternoon pick-me up!

summer drink

I found these beautiful, vibrant, organic, Persian Cucumbers at Trader Joe’s.  Yum!  You can also, create an afternoon pick-me up with seltzer water, Stevia (non-caloric natural sweetener) and your fruitful flavor of choice.  My favorites include:  lemon, lime, mango and/or mint.

Wishing you vibrant health,