Are you ready to stop feeling like a victim of emotional eating for good?

If yes, then do you know what next steps are going to work for you?

Odds are the answer to the first question is a resounding “YES!  Are you crazy, I want out now.  I’m sick of the struggle and with obsessing over food and my body.”  This is because when something is draining, we want nothing more than to feel vibrant and healthy.  Of course, right!?

Yet, the answer to the second question for most people is almost always a heavy hearted, “I honestly have no clue.”  This is because if we already had the answers, we would feel great, emotionally-whole and balanced.  In a confusing world with more marketing schemes out there to make a buck from our confusion and offer a “quick-fix” then there are companies offering real solutions that actually empower us, it is no wonder we end up feeling depleted and defeated.

My frustration!

Yes, you can probably pick up on how upset I am at my own industry for allowing profit to come before people!  Not ok.  Sure, make a profit.  You have to in a capitalist government.  I get it.  I have three children, retirement goals to reach and mouths to feed.  But, at least offer things that work!  If it is too quick, or inauthentic, it just won’t stick.  What we need is solid education and support.

How do I relate?

13 years ago I gave up on myself.  I quit.  No more diet attempts, meant no more diet failures.  No more caring.  No more struggle.  I resigned to being overweight and out of control with food and figured that was just my sad reality.  I made a truce with myself by giving up.

Fortunately, for my dear heart and my sacred health, I was completely wrong about what was possible.  I have spoken to hundreds of people that have struggled with emotional eating, just as I had.  What I hear most is something like this:  “Why didn’t anyone tell me this before.”  It is a combination of anger for missed years of peace and joy and glimmers of hope.

My Invitation:

I invite you to lean into my experiences and education and get some heart-centered loving guidance as to exactly what can help you.

Healing emotional eating is not just a matter of chanting enough affirmations.  There are two components to healing from emotional eating:

  1. Education – “There is no problem that education cannot solve.”  My son’s football coach.
  2. Support – “Was it you or I who stumbled first?  It does not matter.  The one of us who finds the [way up] first, must help the other.”  Vera Nazarian

What I offer you:

I am not currently taking new clients, however, I still offer the classic online program so that you can learn the entire process from head to toe and begin implementing right away.

Your feelings are important to me!

I acknowledge that we have probably never met before and you found my services online and may not know me very well.

I acknowledge that new programs and services can evoke feelings of hesitancy, skepticism and even uneasiness.  Especially with the plethora of misinformation and (pardon my bluntness) “crap on the market” we are pummeled with now-a-days.

I know, when I was in the thorniest thicket of my struggles with food, I felt ashamed and embarrassed.  I acknowledge that it takes a certain vulnerability to step forward and receive help, especially with an achy heart.

I want to reassure you that you are in a completely safe place to receive guidance.  I used to hide food wrappers deep down in the garbage so nobody could see what I just ate.  I tried therapy with a therapist and would barely share anything with him.  I walked out of his office to never return and figured he lied to me when he said, “Yes, Laurel, it is possible to heal this.”  How would he know?!  He had never been through it!

I want to assure you, I have been through it and have been on the other end of the struggle for over a decade.  This decade of freedom is priceless and sacred to me.  I have made it part of my life’s purpose to call out, reach out and provide options for self-healing and cultivating wholeness in this area.  Woman to woman.

I assure you, any product I offer has the options that are tried and true.  It is virtually impossible to walk away from any of the teachings without new insights for a lifetime.

I look forward to providing the solid help needed as you journey your back to wholeness.

What to do next:

Review my online program NEXT and see if it is right for you.

Help is here,

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