Eating With Heart E-Book Package:

Laurel’s E-book, Eating with Heart, is for women who are tired of feeling overweight, have been struggling with a love/hate relationship with food for years and want off the roller-coaster.  Ups and downs are constant or seasonal, but regardless you feel frustrated enough to want to stop the cycles of re-active eating.  If you are in this situation, are ready for a positive change, desire an optimistic and nutritious future, the e-book package will give you everything you need to succeed.

Eating With Heart E-Book gets you started:

  1. Know what is going on with your cravings.
  2. Understand the emotion / craving connection.
  3. Learn how to undo limiting behaviors.
  4. Learn how to find and get what you really want.
  5. Get in touch with eating from a Spiritual perspective.
  6. Lose all excess weight.
  7. Gain peace and joy with food!
  8. Transform your relationship to food for life!

E-book package includes:

      √  Eating With Heart E-Book, 128 pages
      √  Feelings Inventory Sheet
      √  Needs Inventory Sheet
      √  The Five Eating Agreements
      √  A Hunger Scale
      √  Hunger Tracking Worksheet

Purchase E-Book Package below for $27.00

(or included free with the 12 Week Online Coaching Program for under $12/week)

Eating With Heart E-Book + worksheets – $27.00

The e-book is the education behind breaking free.  Education is one of the key requirements to lasting change.  Once you know it, you can’t go back to not knowing.