Eating With Heart Workbooks:

Eating With Heart Workbook gets you started:

  1. Know what is going on with your cravings.
  2. Understand the emotion / craving connection.
  3. Learn how to undo limiting behaviors.
  4. Learn how to find and get what you really want.
  5. Get in touch with eating from a Spiritual perspective.
  6. Find how to maintain your natural weight.
  7. Gain peace and joy with food!
  8. Transform your relationship to food for life!


Eating With Heart E-Book, 128 pages
√ Feelings & Needs Inventory Sheets
√ The Five Eating Agreements
√ A Hunger Scale
√ Hunger Tracking Worksheet

Workbook Package:

Eating With Heart E-Book + Worksheets 

Funding for this site and all online materials and programs is provided by the Institute for Integrative Coach Training. As a result I am now offering these online programs for free as a way to give back and pay it forward. Please begin your new journey with food and begin gaining freedom and health with food and life. Enjoy! Each transformation makes way for the next. ~ Love, Laurel

The e-book package is the education behind breaking free. Education is one of the key requirements to lasting change. Once you know it, you can’t go back to not knowing it.

The other component to healing is personal support. We have two options for ongoing support if you find you want additional help while walking through this new approach. These options are personal life coaching with Laurel and/or the 12 Week Online Program.

The online program is designed to walk you through the breaking free process from the comfort of your home with weekly coaching lessons (emailed to you each Monday), that build upon the education you receive in the Five Steps to Freedom E-book. Coaching adds personalized depth of self-exploration, using the Enneagram personality types and integrative coaching methodology to support your personal growth process in gentle ways.