Your book is great! I’m barely on the 5th Chapter, but it’s amazing how a ‘changed’ mindset starts to build a foundation. Thanks so much! ~ Jayna
I can’t thank you enough for the life coaching on food! Even though I have still not gotten a good journal going, I have been making mental note of triggers, and of how I feel (whether emotional or physical binder), and trying to stop at the correct point. It has been very interesting!
When I’m able to follow your recommendations, I have a HUGE amount more energy! I no longer feel confined by narcolepsy in terms of energy; this for me is life-altering! (You know how if something has been a certain way with your health for a long time, you start to think and accept that it will always be that way and you sort of resign yourself to it? I had resigned myself to feeling yucky energy-wise, assuming it was part of the narcolepsy!) I am super excited by this new freeing feeling! ~ Full-time graduate student
Laurel, I can’t wait until [our session] Thursday to tell you, although I am sure I will also tell you on Thursday. Your book is awesome! It really opened a door for me to something I didn’t know before about my own hunger. I have kept hunger scales on and off for years, including the last several months, but didn’t have something. I didn’t have an important piece that pulled it all together, which has to do with how to use the scale and how to listen to my hunger.
Your book has opened a door – I have had a breakthrough, which is awesome, amazing, lovely, and absolutely exquisite. I love the approach, the theory and the way you have put it together. Your book speaks to my heart and the core of my beliefs. I can find a way simply by following my body’s wisdom through listening. Words can’t express my joy and amazement with the breakthrough – the Ah Ha moment. I hope to have more of these moments as they are amazing.
I know that healing is something that occurs from the inside-out. And, even knowing this, didn’t have me look at my hunger as a friend, ally and guide. I have studied physiology in depth and still didn’t have this piece. WOW! The spoon has hit my head and I feel as if I have woken-up to something I have known all along but didn’t know. THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Something else – Having a 6 month plan of my purpose and outcomes outlined has done something for me that is also amazing. I feel more on purpose, on track and I am enthused and excited! A friend commented to me that she has noted a calmness within me recently and I think it has to do with this plan.
I am sooo excited about our work together, following the eating with heart program, and the coaching program. I am looking forward to Thursday! Talk to you then. ~ Nutritionist
FYI… I threw one and a half cookies out the car window this afternoon! Thank you! ~ Carin
You gave me real solutions, and helped me see things differently. Seeing how I feel now and what I want for my future helps me really learn how to move forward better. It helped me a lot because I felt like I could see a path of how to get through everything, that there were steps I could take and they were feasible and helpful. Thank you! You are fabulous! ~ Christine
Today I ate ONLY half an egg salad sandwich, ordered a cinnamon role and only wanted half. I enjoyed this approach sssOOO much. I didn’t feel deprived because I’ve learned that when I overdo it I’m not comfortable. This was awesome, feels so balanced and I LOVE not dieting. It is my choice, not someone telling me when to stop or how much to eat or how much to count. ~ Anonymous
This [approach] makes more sense to me than anything else I’ve EVER tried before in my life. ~ Kendra
You are AMAZING!  Thank you. ~ Jessica
The biggest breakthrough was the distinction between living and hiding. That was the big one for me. You are AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for all your help!!! ~ Anonymous

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Eating With Heart Founder, Laurel Inman, before:

That is me on the right, at my heaviest.  

This is me in 2010 doing a Yoga pose on a hill-top of Sedona (this is me at my natural weight, using the non-dieting method, after 3 kids):

My testimony: It is not about the food or the weight. It is about what is weighing us down in our hearts. It is about learning to align our life with our heart, learning the right tools and healing the “pull to food.” Once we begin to see the love = food equation with clarity, we begin to dispel the myth and the weight comes off naturally. This is freeing and is what works!

Carin started the course in September weighing 202 pounds. By February she was down to 151 pounds. What are you weighting for?!  When we follow our heart, miracles can happen…

Carin Before:

Carin After:


NOTE:  The Eating WithHeart programs do not treat emotional or physical disorders like:  bulimia, anorexia, thyroid imbalances (unless caused by binge eating), diabetes or sleep-eating.  However, the program can be an excellent addition to professional treatment by a therapist or a licensed physician.  If you suspect you have an emotional or physical disorder, please consult your therapist or physician.