True Transformation!

- 12 Week Private Online Coaching Program -

Learn all steps from the comfort of your own home and on your own time.

This course follows a step-by-step clear path that walks you through each of the Eating With Heart E-book teachings and back into your heart.


This program is for you if:

√   You want off of the emotional eating roller-coaster NOW!

√   You are ready to create the healthiest you and reach your natural weight, naturally!

√   You are ready to transform your relationship to food.

√   You desire an approach that connects you to your heart.

√   You value your health and vitality.

√   You are ready to take action and implement the exercise into your daily activities.

√   You can devote one hour per week to reading and self-reflection.

√   You are committed to learning new things and growing spiritually.

The 12 Week Online Program Includes:

  1. E-Book, Eating With Heart: The Five Steps to Lasting Freedom from Emotional Eating!
  2. Weekly Lessons e-mailed each Monday (pdf)
  3. Privacy of learning in your own home
  4. 24hr access to private online online FaceBook forum (NEW!)
  5. The 3 Phases to Healing (pdf)
  6. Daily Affirmations (pdf)
  7. Worksheets to coach you through each step (pdf)
  8. Discounts on other Eating With Heart workshops

In 12 weeks you:

√  Get what is going on beneath the battle.
√  Understand the emotion/craving connection.
√  Learn how to undo limiting behaviors.
√  Learn how to find and get what you really want.
√  Hear what your heart is saying to comfort you.
√  Lose extra weight.
√  Gain peace and joy with food!
√  Transform your relationship to eating for life!

Program Requirements: (review these carefully before signing up)

What you need to succeed: (printing requirements are optional)

  • 1-2 hours a week to devote to reading and assignments
  • 2 inch, 3 ring binder
  • 3 hole punch
  • Weekly internet access, with PDF download capability
  • Audio capability (a few lessons have audio exercises in MP3 format – if you can’t access these, that is ok and will not effect program results, these are optional and not required)
  • Printer access to print weekly teachings (1- 5 pages per week)

Personal Requirements:  

  • Willingness to try new ideas out before judging to be effective/ineffective
  • Willingness to commitment to your goals
  • Agreement to apply each exercise with an open heart

Join the 12 Week Program (you receive your first lesson right away):

$134.00  (under $12 a week)

If you are struggling and want out now, this course is made with your needs in mind.  I would have given anything to have a program like this to follow and a support group where I could be anonymous when I wanted to heal!  I had to struggle my way through needlessly.  ”This need not be.” A Course in Miracles

Even if you don’t yet believe  it is possible to live without the weight, or overcome trigger eating, that is ok.  I’ve been in your shoes and actually walked out of a therapists office never to return because he told me it was possible to heal and I thought he was lying to me.

The light at the end of the tunnel comes when you first put the food away because you want to.  Once you experience empowerment, you will want more empowerment.  My programs take you to the place of empowerment by helping your completely recreate your relationship to food and health.

By saying yes to You, you say no to eating for emotional reasons.  As Dr. Phil said, “It’s eat to live, not live to eat.”  If this program is right for you and your heart says YES, I hope you will joining us!  You future self will thank you!

You have asked and now answers and a clear path are here at your feet.  I”m grateful you have found us and hope that you will join us if you connect with this approach at a heart level!