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Hi, I'm Laurel.

After years struggling with the dieting rollercoaster, binge eating, losing weight, and gaining it all back, I was mentally, emotionally and spiritually drained.

The latest dieting fads promised 'easy/simple results' and consistently failed. There is a better way!

My approach is down to earth, based on health science and empowers you to create a new relationship with your body and with food. Like learning to ride a bike, once you know it, you never have to go back to the struggle.

If you are ready to learn a grounded approach to take your power back without making drastic, expensive changes to your diet, then I am grateful you are here!

I started Eating With Heart to not only share what I learned about myself as someone who healed my own battle with emotional eating, but also empower others as a health educator.

I've been empowering women as a professional life-coach since 2005 and love empowering people like me, looking for a practical way to spark positive change in their life.

Laurel Elders, PCC, CEC


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I've placed then entire 5 Step Process of breaking free from emotional eating in the Eating With Heart E-book.

You will learn:

  • The five-step process.
  • True hunger, from false.
  • How to handle emotional hunger.
  • How to reach your body's happy weight without dieting.
  • How to transform a love/hate relationship with food into one of love!
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This program is packed with deeper insights, weekly exercises to follow and is a complete education on breaking free!

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"The first wealth is health."

~ Emerson